Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How do Classroom Management Parameters Help to Make Lessons More Effective?

As we already know, the classroom management helps teachers to have control over the students, control of the class, and a good classroom atmosphere in order to make learning takes place, and classroom management also aims at encouraging and establishing student self-control through a process of promoting positive student achievement and behavior. Moreover, as the students have some distracting behavior in classes, teachers have to take into account the classroom management parameters that help teachers to prevent that distracting behavior and to show their abilities, attitudes, and characteristics to make learning takes place easily and to have the control in the classroom. These classroom management parameters are very helpful for teachers since these parameters guide teachers in order to control their students’ behavior.

The first parameter is “Attention.” Asattention is the cognitive process of selectively concentrating on one aspect of the classroom environment while ignoring other things, teachers have to deal with this situation with their students almost every day. Taking into account that there are many distractions in a class, teachers have to catch their students´ attention in order to make them be concentrated in their class and also to make them feel interested and motivated about learning a new topic. One of the most effective techniques that teachers can use to catch the attention of their students is to make different activities and to use different strategies to teach the lessons to their pupils. Teachers can also make their students pay attention encouraging them, teaching them with enthusiasm and humor, dramatizing, and so forth.

“Momentum” is another classroom parameter. Momentum is describe as the smooth flow of events which are not necessarily noticeable when everything is working well, but are highly visible when the flow or momentum is interrupted or not working. Teachers have to have all the things they are going to use to teach the lessons ready before the class starts since a good momentum in a class is noticeable when the teacher has prepared all the materials since the very beginning. Furthermore, as it is difficult to catch the students´ attention, teachers have to be aware of knowing what things can break the momentum in a classroom. Teachers know that there are many intrusions that can break the momentum in a class, but the most important thing that teachers have to know when intrusions appear is how to deal with the intrusions that almost always break the momentum in a class. Also, teachers have to be aware about making the appropriate transitions within a class because it can also break the momentum. Definitely, every time teachers have created a good momentum with their students, learning takes place easily and sometimes without any problem. In momentum, teachers plan the lessons well, they do not wing it and teachers also deal with interruptions effectively and efficiently.

Another classroom parameter is“Space.” Space is a good classroom management parameter as well as it is about maximizing the classroom’s physical space to facilitate easy teacher movement and proximity, as well as student movement and transitions. In space, the classroom should be arranged to promote efficient learning and minimize students’ behavior problems. The classroom should also be flexible to allow for different types of learning activities. Using space, students must be able to see and hear instructions without any problem and have efficient access to learning materials, and the teacher should be able to easily monitor students and provide feedback to them. A good advantage of using space is the flexibility to accommodate both large group and small group activities and the adjustment of the room to meet the needs of the particular activity. Moreover, there are some techniques teachers can use to seat their students such as in lines, in semi circle, in square, and so on.

“Time” is another classroom management parameter that teachers use in their classes. As teachers have a limited time to teach their students, managing class time is very important. I learned that the efficient use of time is an important variable in helping students achieve learning goals and making the classroom a pleasant place for teachers and students. Something important here is that it is up to the teacher to keep the class moving along swiftly enough to reduce boredom, but slowly enough to keep the class together. It is very useful that teachers know how to organize the time for their classes; they can do it in different tasks. For example, teachers have to take time to plan their lessons, to teach the topics, to make activities, and so forth. Organizing the time, teachers help their students to learn effectively and even how students can use their time not only in the class but also outdoors.

Another important classroom management parameter is “Routines.”Routines give both teachers and students the ability to see clearly what is expected and know how to follow through. This parameter is focused on creating orderly classroom routines that help students understand what is expected each day without making them feel bored. Teachers have to create routines within their classroom as routines help teachers to have a good classroom management. It is important that teachers tell their students what they are going to do but taking into consideration that students will not feel bored due to the routines; teachers have to look for the best ways to make routines funny in order to have effective and efficient classes every day.  Moreover, classroom routines are important because students enjoy their classes more when they know the routines. 

The last but not the least important classroom management parameter is“Discipline.” Teachers have to discipline their students to control their actions and behavior in order to have a good classroom atmosphere and create a good learning environment. As students tend to misbehave, teachers have to establish rules since the beginning of the year or semester; furthermore, teachers have to punish their students when they break the rules because if teachers do not do that, they will lose the control in their classes. If teachers foment discipline in their students, they will be teaching them to be discipline and responsible for their future life. If teachers establish rules and tell their students the consequences of breaking the rules and they follow the rules since the very beginning, students will be discipline and they will learn more so that learning will take place.

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