Monday, April 2, 2012

Last week, I went to teach. I faced a problem while teaching. I brought a cd because I was going to develop an activity, but the cd player did not work. I felt frustrated, but I had to continue teaching. My students were exciting because they wanted to listen to music.When they realized that I was not going to develop the activity, they felt disappointed. I tried to develop other activity, and they like the other activity. I know teaching is not so easy. Next class, I will use the technology in the class; I will bring a camara to the class because I want to record my pronounciation´s students. In the past, I was afraid of using technology, but now, I know that technology can help me a lot. In the class, my classmated and I have presented some topics related to technology. My classmate Danilo learned us how to create a vodcast It is not difficult... I feel happy because I have learned many new things about technology.

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