Thursday, April 19, 2012


The teacher have developed the topic "reflective teaching." The process that we should go though. I did not know what reflective teaching was about. I have heard the word reflective in Spanish, and it has the same meaning in English. Now. I have a better idea about what reflective teaching is about. Today, I had a text about reflective teaching. But some days ago, teacher Frank made us answer some questions. It was like a practice for the examen my classmates and I had today. I have been thinking about the classes that I have taught, and I remembered a paticular class. I arrived to the high school, and  I said hello good afternoon to my tutor. She had another idea about the pronounciation about the word afternoon so that she asked me how do you pronounce afternoon? I did not say anything; I just took my dictionay, and I showed her the pronounciation that the dictionary has. She got surprise, and finally, she told me I did it because I did not want my students to get confused. The problem was that some of my students listened to us. And when I began the class, I said good afternoon everybody. One of them said to me teacher  good afternoon; I realized that he did it because he wanted me to get in troubles. But I explained to him how I am acostumed to pronouncing this word. I told him that the stress in the word afternoon is in the fist syllable. He saw me kind of ashame. I did not get angry. I tried to take it easy, and I solved this problem quickly. I was able to do it because I knew how to be reflective. After that, I was in my house, and I began to think about it. I did not feel bad because as the teacher said we as teacher are going to face many problems. I noticed that I have to have a good pronounciation. Now that I am not  sure about the pronounciation of any word; I look for it. I always try to care about my students´s needs. I have already watched the video  Shaping the Way We Teach English: Module 14, Reflective Teaching because a friend lend me a cd with those videos last year. I am aware that being reflective helps me not only while teaching but in my everyday life.


  1. I am glad to read this... I like all the videos about shaping the way we teach... all of them are understandable.